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Angelcab : Transfert Humanitaire Taxi Privé Aéroport Nice avec l’Association Water Of Hope

Angelcab, la référence pour vos transferts aéroport en taxi privé de l’aéroport de Nice vers Cannes, Monaco, Antibes, St Tropez, Sophia Antipolis et toutes villes sur la Côte d’Azur, soutient l’association Water of  Hope.

Taxi Aéroport Nice Water of Hope

Taxi Aéroport Nice Water of Hope

L’équipe d’Angelcab est plébiscitée pour sa gentillesse, son sens du service et son sérieux pour vous assurer le meilleur rapport qualité prix pour une voiture avec chauffeur à partir de l’aéroport de Nice Côte d’Azur.

« Business is Business », mais si on peut y ajouter une touche d’humanité avec le coeur, les affaires peuvent devenir source de bonheur.

La sensation d’amener un plus à des êtres humains et participer à un projet fantastique est notre manière d’envisager les affaires sans en faire pour autant une opportunité commerciale.

Marianne Richards, fondatrice de l’association Water of Hope, que nous emmenons régulièrement pour des transferts aéroport Antibes Nice, est une personne fantastique, vraiment orientée vers l’Humain et l’Humanité.

Ensemble, nous pouvons construire un monde meilleur, et c’est pourquoi aujourd’hui, nous vous proposons de participer à son projet humanitaire à l’occasion de votre transfert Taxi privé Aéroport Nice vers Cannes, Antibes, Monaco.

Nous vous proposons de rajouter 5€ sur votre Prix Taxi Aéroport Nice en voiture avec chauffeur qui seront reversé à l’association Water of Hope.

L’integralité des pourboires, car notre service Taxi privé Nice Airport est le meilleur,  que vous pourrez laisser lors de votre transfert aéroport Nice en Taxi Privé seront de même reversé par Angelcab à l’associationWater of Hope.

Vous pouvez aussi découvrir l’association et faire un don en ligne en suivant ce lien :

Angelcab Nice Airport Transfer Make Sun in Your Life By Giving to Human !




Nice Aiport Private Taxi to Cannes, Monaco, Antibes : Avoid the brown envelope!


It is a real problem for taxi nice airport and private car with driver firms: They have to pay in order to work with some hotels, company events, incentives…

Do you have to pay for it?

The same Airport shuttle to Cannes, Nice, Antibes, Monaco with the same car and same service can be at different prices and sometimes the difference can be more that 100€!!!

The perfect victims are firms and rich peoples, VIP, and anybody who do not look at the price for this Airport Transfer from Nice Airport.

By example an Aiport Transfer from Nice Airport to Cannes can be from 70€ to 195€ for the same car and service!

Some considers it’s OK !

Take time to email us and ask a quote for Airport Transfer Nice Côte d’Azur:

Taxi Nice Airport to Cannes : How much does it cost?


How much does it cost for a taxi from Nice Airport to Cannes or from Cannes to Nice Airport?

Combien coûte un Taxi de Nice Aéroport à Cannes?

If you take a taxi from Cannes, your price is depending on traffic and luggages!

The usual price is around 80/85€ but it can be much more!

If you take a car with driver you can pay between 75 /195€ depending on the service you want!

The higher prices are often proposed by Cannes Hotels 5 * concierges who are taking commissions!

Have no surprise and emeil us to find the best service and the best price for your transfer from Nice Airport to Cannes or from Cannes to Nice AIrport!


Taxi Nice Airport Cannes Water Symposium 2012


Since 1999, the Cannes Water Symposium has become a key International Forum on various issues related to Water, the Sea and Sustainable development:

The 13th edition will take place as every year in the Palais des Festivals in Cannes from June 29th till July 1st, and will gather professionals, scientists and political decision-makers, all specialists of Water and Environment.

Be sure to be welcomed at Nice Airport with the best service and the best price for your taxi transfer or private car with driver to cannes!

Email us :

Taxi Nice Airport : A bad reputation?


For sure times have changed!

Prices for a taxi Nice Airport to Cannes, Monaco, Antibes is sometimes a real lottery!

Taxi drivers at Nice Airport are often bad dressed, waiting for customers with cigarettes or sandwiches, looking at girls and women in a suspicious way!

But all are not like this, fortunately!

Will you have the chance to get the best one?

You can play or ask to our team to have the best transfer for your arrival at Nice Airport Taxi or Private Driver waiting for you!

Get the best price and service for your Taxi Nice Airport or Private Car with Driver :

Email us


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Taxi Nice Airport or Car with Driver : Low Prices may be a danger!



Private taxis Nice Airport or transporters can be dangerous : No insurance, clandestinity, very low prices, bad cars!

Book a safe and legal Taxi Nice Airport !

Résever une voiture avec chauffeur ou un taxi privé, Limousine au meilleur prix à l’aéroport de Nice en sachant que vous avez affaire à une société légale et bien assurée !

The multiplication of no professionnal drivers is really a problem if you want the best service for a taxi nice airport !

Some have the authorizations but often are alone and, it’s the beginning of problemes :

If there is any problem of delay for your flight : They can’t wait for you!

Sometimes they don’t speak english, you have no service on board and they are often obliged to drive as a formula 1 driver of the Grand Prix de Monaco !

Others give you a low price for your transfer but it’s a shared transfer : You are obliged to wait for others peoples sometimes for more than 30 minutes !


Our team will select you the best Airport Taxi from Nice Airport to the destination of your choice!

Some companies or taxi driver provide you a very elegant way of doing with  water on board, newspapers and nice music!

We choose for you the best Nice Airport Taxi or Private Car with Diver at the best price and best service for all destinations on French Riviera from and to Nice Airport

Email us

Airport Transfer Nice Airport : Hôtels Reception and Concierges make the price high.


Taxi Nice AIrport and Private Transfer from Hotels

Taxi Nice Airport and Private Transfers from your Hotel

On the French Riviera, it is very hard for private airport transfer companies to keep a low cost for an airport tranfer when they work with hôtels.

In fact, they are obliged to pay a commision to the reception desk or concierge.

The  percentage is about 20% and some can go to 30!

By example an airport transfer from Nice Airport to Cannes can cost up to 100 €!

A normal price is around 80/85 € and you can have a better price with us.

Most of  Hotels directors are really not concerned with the airport tranfer of their customers and the reception desk often is interested only by the money they can get on you!

So we recommended you to ask us a quotation for your airport transfer from and to Nice Airport, we shall have you the best service and the best price!

Taxi Nice Airport or Private Shuttle : Get The Best Price For Your Transfer!

Airport Transfer Nice Airport

Obtenez le meilleur prix taxi de l’aeroport de Nice à Cannes, Monaco, Antibes,Sophia Antipolis, Menton, Villefranche sur Mer avec le meilleur service.

Get the best price and service Taxi Nice Airport to Cannes, Monaco, Antibes, Sophia Antipolis


For all your airport transfer on French Riviera please e.mail us :

Angelcab : La Référence pour votre transfert Aéroport Taxi Limousine Nice